On The House is a Kolkata based developer of real estate.

Unlike the regular builder, On The House believes in bringing transparency, quality and the right professional ethics into the process of acquiring a property.

The developer attempts to use space and design best by providing the maximum amount of utility and joy per unit square feet, so that the buyer benefits the most from a property over time.

The company started off in a humble way by making individual bungalows and villas in the Salt Lake area of Kolkata. Soon it progressed to delivering modern-day office complexes and residential projects in the newer developing areas of north-east Kolkata.

Tailor helped the client create an appropriate and joyous brand identity which reflects the brand’s aspirations of designing for a happier occupant.

Tailor named the brand’s latest idyllic residential project ‘Sunday’ to indicate an address which is also a state of mind. It is powerful concepts like these that are helping On The House position, market and advertise itself as a differentiated developer in Kolkata.