In India, news is best consumed in the mother tongue for the vast majority of population.

In 2012, the Times of India Group decided to launch its own, colourful, vibrant version of Bengali news, a paper called ‘Ei Samay’ (Modern Times).

This would be the Group’s second major regional newspaper launch in the past 50 years history of Bennett Coleman & Company, after the launch of Navbharat Times. Tailor helped the client launch the newspaper with the brand positioning line ‘Ei Samay, Amar Samay’ (These times, Our times).

The launch involved an integrated to media including a 90-second launch TVC, newspaper campaign, outdoor campaign, viral videos and radio spots.

The idea was to position the brand as an important cultural influence for today’s Bengali reader who has already inherited strong cultural roots. It’s, as if, the modern-day reader could take the baton of progress from the past generation, combine it with today’s relevant information, and run forward to create his or her own niche in a world dominated by information.

The launch film itself is a music video, which uses the metaphor of Bengali folk-rock. It brings together six folk-rock bands or musicians from the past and present generations, and shows how their intermingling of talents and knowledge helps us take, for example, Bengali folk-rock forward.

The launch film is directed by Sujoy Ghosh and the music has been written and composed by Anupam Roy.