The concept of image management or personal branding is a relatively new subject in India.

With average age dropping and population rising, most people in India are now having to compete harder than ever before to succeed in their professional, personal or social life.

Image Management helps people project an appropriate and powerful image based on their roles, goals and situation in life.

Image Consulting Business Institute is the pioneering brand in the space of image management education in India.

The Institute started off in 2009-10 by offering a variety of world-class programs in image management education. This helped individuals develop knowledge about the art and science of image management, receive an internationally recognized certificate, and then start a flexible yet rewarding career as an independent Image Consultant.

In less than five years, the Institute developed enough following in more than 10 cities across the length and breadth of India. Graduates from the Institute were successfully advising individuals as well as companies on how to dress, how to talk and how to generally inspire confidence among others.

More importantly, many individuals, mostly women, now had a chance to become independent entrepreneurs running their own successful business from the comfort of their homes.

ICBI is today, one of the world’s largest brands in the field of image management and soft skills training.